Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Our backyard - The Contoocook River

What do you see?

Well, when our returning guest RC arrived he exclaimed “my fishing chair”.  He wasn’t talking about the one armed Victorian ladies chair on left.
When he was with us in 2011, RC bought a chair to sit in while he fished.  He didn’t think it was worth taking back to Arizona so he left it in our care.  He used it when he returned in 2014 and it was here waiting for him to use in this year’s fish chase.  We always refer to it as the RC Memorial Chair – as though it were a endowed chair in the classics department at an Ivy League College.

The chair isn’t exclusively a fishing chair.  It’s been to Tuesday night concerts in the Community Park in Henniker.  Last weekend it attended a rowing event in Lowell MA.  So you see - this chair gets around.

RC grew up in New England, had a professional career in the Bay Area and is now retired in Phoenix. Coming to Henniker in May is just the thing for his Yankee heart.  He favors the Balcony room where he can enjoy the apple blossoms from the deck.

We know there are fish in the Contoocook River out back.  I’ve seen fish & game wardens putting them in. 

We've seen otters and herons taking them out.  We even cooked one a guest caught. 

Most days there is someone out there trying to get their own.

We can set you up with Gerry and Jim who are the NH Rivers Guide Service ( if you want to perfect your cast.  

Or, you’re welcome to come, use the RC Memorial Chair and just let the river soothe you.

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